Employer Reminder: Knowing Cal/OSHA’s Safety Regulations is Vital

There is nothing more important than the safety of your employees. As an employer, you have both a moral and a legal obligation to ensure that your workers’ lives are always prioritized. It doesn’t matter if you work in construction, sales, or nursing: safety is a requirement that is not limited by any particular industry.

As obvious as this may seem, many employers fail to abide by the safety regulations set forth by Cal/OSHA, and the consequences are never pretty.

On March 2, 2018, an employee of GreenWaste Recovery Inc died when he was run over by his own truck. After an investigation, Cal/OSHA issued the recycling company four citations with $46,270 in penalties; Cal/OSHA found that the company failed to ensure the truck’s safety restraint was in working order.

Stories like these are a sobering reminder of how important workplace safety really is.

What Are Cal/OSHA’s Safety Regulations?

Often called “standards,” Cal/OSHA requires employers to:

  • Provide their employees with work and workplaces that are safe and healthful.
  • Be aware of the hazards their employees face on the job, train every worker about the specific hazards of each job assignment, and keep records of this training.
  • Correct any hazardous conditions that they know may result in serious injury to their employees. Failure to do so could result in criminal charges, monetary penalties, and even jail.
  • Notify the nearest Cal/OSHA office of any serious injury or fatality that occurs on the job, or any serious illness caused by the job. This must be done immediately after calling for emergency help to assist the injured worker.
  • Display Cal/OSHA’s Safety and Health Protection on the Job poster so that workers are aware of basic rights and responsibilities.

For a complete overview of basic Cal/OSHA requirements, check out this fact sheet.

What This Means For You

While these standards may seem vague, there is an easy way to summarize it: be extremely thorough. The best way to practice proper workplace safety is to develop a dedicated safety department, especially if you work in an industry where employees work primarily outdoors.

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