Disaster Planning for Your Southern California Factory

In our current world, with disasters happening regularly, it’s more important than ever for employers and especially manufacturing facilities, to have emergency plans in place. If your factory operates in California then there is even greater risk due to the likelihood of earthquakes, wildfires and other disasters.

Hiccups in production lines – even minute, can lead to serious financial losses. If you consider that and the fact that a disaster could shut an operations down for days, it’s frightening to think about how manufacturers might never rebound after catastrophic events.

The best way to be prepared for the unknown is to still plan for it.

The best way to prepare your workplace to handle surprise situations is to have a well-thought out and practiced plan that everyone is confident with. In those preparations, consider the types of emergencies most likely to occur and how to specifically address them as well as stock up on first aid and emergency response supplies.

Here are some of the things you can do to help ensure your business survives an emergency situation – both while it’s happening and when it’s time to rebuild.

Emergency Training

During unexpected situations, when chaos and the fear set in, it can be hard for large groups of people to stay focused. With training and instruction on how to handle different scenarios, you can prepare workers for what may occur and what they should do to confidently handle an emergency. An action plan should include evacuation routes, reporting requirements, first aid procedures like CPR and other life-saving tactics.

Practice Drills

Once instruction is given, you should also set aside time to practice in a controlled setting. This will help employees and management get comfortable with tasks and also find areas of improvement to further streamline and perfect response. Include fire and police departments when possible for the most realistic practice drills.

Leverage Emergency Communication Systems

One of the most critical elements for properly handling emergency situations is communications. Even if an explosion or fire has happened, you may still be able to contact employees, families, emergency personnel and disseminate other critical information if you have a communications plan in place. Consider an alternative center that is offsite and ready for use in case of a disaster. The location could have important documents, critical equipment for operations and other backups. You may also want to consider making radio communications devices available for contacting important emergency officials when disaster strikes.

Looking for disaster and survival supplies for your Southern California business? SoCal First Aid provides disaster/emergency kit, emergency food and water, lights, radio, sanitation supplies, search and rescue equipment, storage containers, emergency shelter – and more.

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