Did You Know CPR Training Might Be Required for Your Business?

Employers have a duty to keep their workers safe and to make sure that employees who get hurt on the job receive care quickly. If a person experiences cardiac arrest, prompt treatment can increase the odds of survival and decrease the risk of long-term disability. 

Is Your Company Required to Provide CPR Training?

Business owners must make sure that employees who get injured can receive treatment, which may include first aid and/or CPR, within a few minutes. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) gives business owners some latitude when it comes to how they meet that requirement.

If your workplace is located near a hospital, or if an ambulance can reach your business quickly in an emergency, that can satisfy OSHA’s requirement. If that is not the case, however, you may have to train one or more workers in first aid and CPR. 

In some industries, there is a high risk of serious injuries on the job. If you operate a company where employees are frequently placed in hazardous circumstances, you may be required to provide CPR training so that workers can respond immediately and help someone in need.

Even if OSHA doesn’t require your business to provide CPR training, your state government might. Some states require employers to provide first aid and CPR training to employees who work in certain industries. 

Provide CPR Instruction for Your Employees

If first responders won’t be able to reach your workplace within a few minutes in the event of an emergency, you should train one or more employees in CPR. If your business is in a high-risk field, you might have to provide CPR training, regardless of where your company is located.

Even if you’re not legally required to provide CPR training for your workers, it’s still a good idea. The sooner a patient receives treatment, the higher the likelihood that the person will survive and recover. 

Teaching employees how to perform CPR can demonstrate that your company is dedicated to protecting workers. Employees who feel safe going to work and who feel valued and respected tend to be happier, more productive, and more devoted to their employers. CPR training can therefore benefit your company’s bottom line.

Unishield provides life-saving training that can meet federal and state requirements and empower your employees to help each other. We offer classes in CPR, first aid, and workplace safety. Contact us today to schedule CPR training for your team. 

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