Creating a Workplace First Aid Program

Workplaces have transformed over the last and are now placing an even greater focus on health and sanitation. Staying within industry and government compliance is a critical factor when creating new initiatives and policies for any company. 

Creating a workplace first aid program may look a little different today than it did a few years ago with new worries over viruses and disease, but it still remains critical for decision makers to consider and enact. 

First aid is considered any help or care that is provided for individuals who have been injured or are suddenly ill while at the workplace. This care is administered for life saving efforts and care prior to the arrival of any professional medical services. 

Being ready for these situations requires training on how to properly deliver this pre-care during an emergency. The other important element is the equipment that’s readily available for them to provide the needed care. 

Here are just a few of the essential elements to consider when creating your workplace’s first-aid program. 

Identify Risks

Before creating a plan that is specific to your workplace be sure to assess all the present and potential risks at your location. Anything that could cause worker injury or illness should be factored in.

Incorporate First Aid

One of the best defenses for care to ill and injured persons is having an appropriate first aid kit on hand. Your workplace program should include items that comply with OSHA requirements and offer enough supplies in an easy to access location for all staff. 

Provide Training

Not only supplies, but also staff that know how to use and administer proper care is necessary. Include in your training. These courses will teach staff what to do when someone is hurt or ill until EMS arrives.

Keep Current

In addition to onboarding new staff and changes in rules, it’s important to maintain regular refreshers for training and to evaluate your first aid program so that it is adequate and optimal. 

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