The Most Common First Aid Scenarios Faced by Businesses

workplace safetyBusinesses that are focused on their employees have successful outcomes in various facets of the organization, from loyalty to productivity, and increased profits. But ensuring employees are satisfied and productive is only a piece of the relationship.

Companies are also obligated to keep employees safe while on their premises. Whether that job involves sitting at a cubicle all day or operating heavy machinery, there are regulations to abide by to ensure safety at all times.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforces standards and regulations to ensure employers have a hazard-free workplace. Failure to comply can lead to hefty fines and citations.

Being prepared is essential.  Here are some of the most common first aid scenarios faced by businesses. Create a plan to be ready for these incidents before they occur.

Sudden Illness

Getting sick at work is a common occurrence. We’re spending hours with others and being exposed to germs. A common cold can quickly spread through an office. But there are also those unplanned and more serious sudden illnesses like sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) that can happen during work hours. Since this kind of sudden attack can lead to death, knowing what to do is essential. Have an emergency first aid plan ready in advance and ensure employees are trained with the best way to handle extreme situations should they occur.

Intentional Assaults

Aggression at the workplace is usually not tolerated. But in instances when an assault has occurred – whether as the result of an argument or a random attack from an outsider, having staff trained to quickly attend to the victim is critical. In addition to planning in advance for how to help in these situations, you should also set up training classes for employees to reduce the risk of aggression in the workplace.


While not all workplaces have the same obvious dangers as a construction site may, there are still a lot of potential hazards that can be overlooked, even in an office. A computer wire laying across the hallway, or a burn from hot coffee is still a serious issue for which a company should have an emergency first aid kit ready. Since you can never predict when a fall, cut, burn or choking might happen, it’s pertinent to have a plan and supplies in a familiar location as well as offer training for staff to assist in these situations. It could be the difference between life and death.

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