Cal/OSHA Workplace First Aid Kit Requirements

2 shelf first aid cabinetIf you grew up with an overly cautious parent, then you know well enough what a first aid kit looks like. Traditionally in a tin white box, all the necessities for injuries like bandages, thermometers, medicinal ointments are included in this box. At some point, it might have even come in handy and shown you the true value of being prepared.

Today, first aid kits remain a very important item to have. For businesses, there are even laws and regulations that require first aid kits to be at a workplace and what should specifically be included in them.


In California, employers are required to keep these kits sanitary and ready for use at all times. They must be maintained, replenished and inspected to remain in compliance. There are also separate Cal/OSHA standards depending on the type of business. The main difference is between those in a construction setting who have very detailed first aid standards, and those at other employers, that are less stringent, but still equivalent to federal OSHA standards.

Minimum first aid kit requirements for the basic workplace according to ANSI standards include: absorbent compresses, adhesive & triangular bandages, antiseptic, adhesive tape, burn treatment, medical exam gloves, and sterile pads.

Doctor’s Note

Another thing to keep in mind based on Cal-OSHA specific requirements for first aid is that all first aid kits have to be approved by a doctor. That approval must come in the form of a written note regardless of how involved your first aid kit needs to be.


Recent updates specifically for Cal-OSHA requirements also note that employers perform an audit of their workplace to better anticipate where injuries might occur and what kind of dangers relative to their workplace. Employers should then design their first aid kit to meet those needs.

If you’re a Southern California business, keeping your employees safe and healthy should be a top priority. Ensuring you have everything in place to respond immediately if someone gets injured on the job is vital.

SoCal First Aid® is your premier supplier of all the things you need for on-site safety. We offer everything from OSHA compliance training to medical supplies and safety equipment at great prices, so your kit is always up to standards and your employees are ready before unexpected disaster strikes. Contact us today to find out more.

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