Cal/OSHA Serious About Fall Protection

Falls in the workplace are one of the most common injuries and the cause of numerous deaths. With this startling reality, it’s more important than ever for employers to set rules in place that help protect employees from falling.

Fall Protections in Construction

In construction jobs, this risk is increased due to the very nature of the work. Proper training to keep workers from falling off of overhead platforms, elevated work stations or into holes in the floor, is vital.

OSHA recommends guards be put up to cover holes on the floor for example to protect accidental falls as well as fall protections at different elevations. As an example,  shipyards must have protection within 6ft. while construction starts at 8ft. Other requirements depending on the job can include the use of guard rails, safety harnesses and nets.

In California, additional Cal/OSHA requirements include Title 8 of California Code of Regulations (T8 CCR) for fall protection in construction. Regulations for fall protection requirements are detailed in various sections to ensure that adequate training, protections and safe work environments are maintained.

Cal/OSHA Fall Protection Citations

One Escondido-based roofing company recently learned firsthand what being in non-compliance means.  The company was cited for repeat violations (six different occasions over the past four years) relating to fall protection safety orders and has been asked to pay $134,454 in penalties.

In addition to repeated citations, the fine is also a reprimand for putting workers at risk of fatal falls.  Workers failing to wear proper safety harnesses and training inadequacy for roof work hazards were among the list of complaints.

This company isn’t the only one making headlines. In another recent incident, Cal/OSHA is requesting penalties from two businesses totaling more than $100,000 stemming from the death of a Vallejo man killed in a fall at a winery last year.

As the repairman was working on the refrigeration system, he fell through a dirty light panel which he failed to recognize while walking across the roof. He fell from 16ft. to a concrete surface below and was reportedly not wearing a safety harness.

These types of injuries and fatalities are unfortunately common and enforcement to protect businesses and workers is necessary.

Protect Your Business & Workforce

SoCal First Aid® offers a series of supplies that can keep employees safe from harnesses, self-retracting lanyards, braking systems, connector straps and more.

Do not put your business or employees in danger of falling. If your Southern California business operates as a construction or roofing company, get OSHA-approved safety equipment today!

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