Cal/OSHA Mandates New Recordkeeping Rule (2018)

If you are a California employer with at least 250 employees, you are now required to submit all recorded incidents of workplace injury and illness to Cal/OSHA electronically via form 300A.

This rule came into effect on November 1st, 2018, after Cal/OSHA issued a notice of emergency regulation.

How To Stay in Compliance

Keeping pace with sudden changes like this can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. While it may be a temporary inconvenience at first, this new rule may help to improve workplace safety in the long-run. Time and time again, we have seen both employers and employees fail to adhere to Cal/OSHA regulations.

In fact, just recently, a carpenter sustained serious injuries from a nail gun accident. Cal/OSHA issued a $225,500 citation to Circle M. Contractors after determining that their employees did not receive proper hands-on training.

To stay in compliance with this new rule, get organized. Whenever an incident occurs, big or small, make sure that an incident report is completed right away. Since Cal/OSHA requires these records to be submitted electronically, it’s best to save all reports to a cloud-based server. This way, they can be accessed from any of your company computers.

A Change For The Better? Only Time Will Tell

Naturally, this new regulation raises the question: will this help California business? Will Cal/OSHA use this data to improve existing protocols? Hopefully. Remember that OSHA launched a webpage dedicated to Hazwoper regulations and requirements last year, yet Hazwoper training has been mandatory since 1990. Perhaps this initiative will help to uncover aspects of their safety requirements that are not made clear or readily available to the general public. While their reasons for this emergency regulation remain a mystery at the moment, we here at SoCal First Aid will be sure to share any updates that we receive.

If you want to create a truly safe workspace for your employees, then don’t wait for Cal/OSHA to impose more rules and requirements. Take action! SoCal First Aid offers comprehensive training courses onsite and online. Forklift training, fire extinguisher training, earthquake preparedness training–we do it all!

If you’re serious about the safety of your employees, then don’t wait!

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