April is Tornado Preparedness and Earthquake Readiness Month: Is Your Business Ready?

While most business owner’s worry about a lack of sales as being the worst thing a company can face, natural disasters should also figure into management’s preplanning efforts. April is Tornado Preparedness Month as well as Earthquake Readiness month. It’s worthwhile to take the time to evaluate your organization’s safety procedures in the event of either a tornado or an earthquake. After all, there is almost no part of the country where some type of natural disaster cannot result in an emergency situation during working hours.

What would you do if the worst happened? Would your business be able to continue operating? Would your employees know how to stay safe if a major earthquake or a tornado struck during work hours? If you’re not certain of the answers to these questions, consider implementing a disaster preparedness program.

Ensure Employees Know What to Do

The safest place to be during an earthquake is where you are at the time. Employees should know to stay put and seek cover under tables or other furniture. Stay away from windows and exterior walls, and do not attempt to run outside during the earthquake.

For tornados, the safest place to be is in a basement or storm shelter underground. If you’re in a tornado-prone area, ensure that employees have access to underground spaces in emergencies. Also, be sure to monitor weather reports or sign up for emergency notifications. Unlike earthquakes, tornados are often preceded by warnings from weather services, which can give employees precious minutes of advance notice to prepare.

Have a Disaster Survival Kit

Every organization should have, at minimum, a few days of emergency supplies of fresh water, food, blankets, lights, batteries, and first aid supplies should a disaster strike during working hours. Other supplies that should be on-hand are drinking water purification products, gas valve shutoff tools, tarps and even folding cots if your business is located in an earthquake- or tornado-prone area. Also, consider how you’ll communicate with emergency services in the event your telephones – both landline and mobile – are no longer working.

Call a Professional for Training

A professional workplace health and safety organization can help you ensure your employees and others are prepared for emergencies such as tornados and earthquakes. In addition to providing first aid supplies and protective equipment, we also offer on-site safety training, disaster preparedness training, and other services to businesses, schools, and groups across Southern California.

We will work with you to train your employees on safety best practices and establish a preparedness plan in the event of an earthquake, tornado or another sudden natural disaster.

Contact us at 800-480-5855 or visit our website for more information.

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