5 Important Steps to Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is perhaps one of the most important things any employer should be concerned with. Businesses that fail to provide a safe environment for employees face heavy penalties and other risks. Being in compliance with federal OSHA requirements not only keeps business safe from fines, but it also means they’ll have a more productive and efficient workforce as a result.

If you’d like to ensure your workplace safety is up to par, here are 5 important things to do right now.

Set Clear Standards

As with any policy and procedures in business, you’ll need to set clear standards on how to handle and function in the workplace to ensure everyone is safe. Not just setting those standards, but enforcing them is key to compliance. To ensure this is happening, and to protect workers, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a federal agency which operates as part of the Department of Labor, sets and enforces standards for industries to abide by. In California, there are additional, separate standards set by Cal/OSHA, which are even more stringent for some worksites.

Schedule in Regular Training

In addition to regular job training that’s typically provided to new hires when they first begin their role, your workplace should also schedule in regular training in the form of written instructions as well as onsite monitoring and corrective actions to ensure that all equipment is being used properly, and daily operations are safe for everyone. OSHA also has regular updates to its standards that will require training, so be sure to stay up to date and in adherence.

Take Inventory and Inspect

The best way to find out if your workplace is in need of more training or help with safety is to survey the site and see what risks are present. By forecasting and planning in advance for potential hazards, you’ll reduce the likelihood of incidents occurring.

Keep Accurate Records of Any Incidents

Keeping an accurate record of everything that happens at your operations is necessary for many different facets of the business. This includes analytics and data for improving operations as well as a log of pertinent data that protects you from legal issues down the line. Especially when incidents occur, you should be properly logging each one in detail to ensure you’re protected.

Evaluate & Improve

Even if everything is in place and in great standing, there should always be evaluations done to find areas of improvement. Getting supervisors and leaders involved and revising standards to meet changing needs is a good practice to begin if you have not already.

At SoCal First Aid® we carry a selection of supplies and training services to help ensure your workplace is compliant. Browse our selection and contact us for more information.

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