4 Most Common Workplace Injuries & How to Treat Them

A workplace injury can be a scary experience for both the employee and the employer. The most important thing to remember is that most injuries are preventable. To be ready and to avoid them, it’s important to understand what risks are present and how best to treat them if they happen. We’ve put together a post with some of the most common workplace injuries—back injuries, upper limb disorders, eye and face injuries, and slips, trips, and falls— along with tips on what to do should these happen, to help prepare you for any potential mishaps at your workplace!

Back and neck injuries

Back injuries are the most common workplace injury, and they can range from mild to severe. This can be classified as back pain that lasts longer than two weeks, any difficulty felt while lifting objects or performing routine tasks, and the loss of function in the legs or arms while lifting an object. 

In addition to immediately reporting the back or neck injury to your supervisor, you should have all appropriate documentation ready to file any compliant or leave paperwork. 

Upper limb disorders

Upper limb disorders often result from overuse, repetitive motion, and/or awkward posture while performing your job. You can avoid these injuries by using the proper lifting techniques, holding your shoulders back, and keeping a good posture throughout the workday. If you think you have an injury that may be more serious than muscle pain or a minor strain, it’s important to go to the emergency room for treatment right away. 

Eye and face injuries

Eye and face injuries are another common injury that happens in the workplace. Eye injuries can be caused by flying debris, chemicals, or sharp objects. Face injuries can be caused by flying debris or falling objects. In most cases, these injuries can be treated with a first aid kit or eye wash station – depending on the severity of the injury, until a follow-up check is possible with a  doctor.

Slips, trips, and falls

Perhaps one of the most talked about workplace injuries of all are slips and falls which can be caused by wet floors, slippery surfaces, poor lighting, or uneven surfaces.

Anyone who falls on the job should try to get up if possible. If they can’t stand up on their own, they can roll to the side to remove pressure from any injured part of the body. 

Go to the emergency room or call for emergency help if necessary. Any bones that may be broken or internal organs that are damaged from a fall at work could lead to a much more serious issue. Seek medical attention right away if you’ve had a bad fall. For small slips and trips, you can follow up with an orthopedic specialist within 48 hours of sustaining the injury to ensure proper healing and recovery time. 

Workplace injuries are common, but most can be prevented. For example, always use the right lifting technique to avoid back injuries. Keep a first aid kit at work so you can treat minor injuries. If your injury is more severe, go to the emergency room to get it checked out. 

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