3 Types of Safety Training You Should Know About

Safety training is a requirement for many workplaces. Keeping staff up to date on all the latest safety protocols can be lifesaving. In addition to helping to prevent injury and illegal acts in the workplace, this training is aimed at helping everyone to understand what the basic requirements and standards are in their industry.

Workplace training sessions can happen in person with an instructor-led class, via pre-recorded video sessions or live, online webinars. The format will differ based on availability and compliance requirements so it is critical to know what is necessary at a minimum to keep your workplace safe.

Here are 3 types of safety training you should know about that are pretty common across many industries.


According to the CDC, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. Knowing how to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can save lives as it helps to keep blood and oxygen flowing during a sudden cardiac emergency and until EMT’s get there.

Every single second counts in these situations.

Training on how to do this will not only keep the workplace protected but also provide essential skills people can take with them while out in public and at home.

Fire Safety Training


Training employees on how to handle fire hazards in the workplace is important in case an emergency ever occurs so they know how to quickly evacuate and how they can help stop the fire.

Think: if a fire occurred at your business today, would anyone know what to do?

Some of the most important topics to cover with your employees when discussing fire safety include:

– Building Exits & Evacuation Planning
– Fire Extinguishers
– Preventing Fires

Because there are different types of fires, and they are unique in how they should be handled. It’s important to provide appropriate training for staff based on the types of fire risk present in your workplace.

Workplace Violence Prevention

Protecting your employees at all times is critical. Not just from catastrophes like fires and personal health issues, but also from violence in the workplace. OSHA has requirements set up for employers to provide an environment that is free from harmful conditions for workers. There is also training for prevention methods to help spot early warning signs of violence as well as how to respond and protect yourself in case a situation does arise. This can be any physical abuse or threat that creates a risk to the health and safety of an employee or multiple employees.

Today training for situations like active shooters and sexual harassment has become commonplace in most industries. These training courses help teach employees what to do in these scenarios and how they can help save the lives of others they work with.

UniShield provides Southern California businesses with OSHA-compliant first aid supplies and restocking services as well as safety training that meets Cal/OSHA regulations.

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