3 Types of Forklifts and When to Use Them

In many business industrial and warehouse workplaces, the use of automated mechanics to keep workers safe and increase efficiency is all too common. The forklift is one of those important tools that you’re likely to see in almost all of these workplaces and many others. 

What is a Forklift?

These powered industrial trucks can vary in size depending on the size and weight of the load they will be moving and carrying and use motorized forks and lifts to assist with the moving of materials.
In the industrial setting, forklifts play an important role in speeding up production time and keeping workers safe. 

Here are some examples of different types of forklifts and how they are used. 

Warehouse Forklift

Those in the manufacturing industry will use forklifts to help in the storage and movement of their supplies and materials. The products, typically stacked on large pallets are then moved around and transported to different locations within the worksite. These are the most common type of forklift when discussing these machines and look similar with  twin forks that extend in the front of the machine to assist with grabbing and moving items.

Side Loader 

Anytime the material needing to be handled is made up of long pieces, a side loader forklift will be the machinery of choice. Instead of directly facing, the operator will sit in the cab that is toward the left hand side and a bed or platform for the material will be on their side. In addition to helping with moving long or bulky materials, side loaders can also stack items higher and take up for less space. 

Pallet Jack

Unlike the motorized industrial trucks we mentioned earlier, pallet jacks are a type of forklift that is operated by using a pumping system that assists with moving and lifting pallets around a warehouse. These cost far less than motorized forklifts and are a great solution for items that do not need to be moved very high off the ground or far distances. 

Forklift Training in So Cal

The important thing to remember about using forklifts at any worksite is that all employees who use it must be certified to do so. This is a law enforced by OSHA and evaluation and training must be completed before the worker can operate the forklift. 

Ready to become forklift certified? SoCal First Aid provides training in Los Angeles as well as San Diego, Orange, Ventura, and San Bernardino Counties. Call Today!


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