2 First Aid Skills Every Teacher Should Have

It doesn’t matter if you are an educator of toddlers, teens, or adults; it is your moral (and sometimes legal) responsibility to keep your students safe while they are in your classroom.

Even if you teach in a place with a dedicated healthcare professional, it’s still important for you to have some basic first aid skills. For example, If a student requires CPR, wouldn’t it be better if you could have someone else alert the nurse while you get started? What if there’s a fire? Having a school security guard is nice, but they won’t be able to help if you’re blocked from your only line of communication.

If you answered ‘no’ to either of these questions, then read on. Today we’re going to explain  what you should do during each one of these emergency situations.

CPR  – Sing While Doing Chest Compressions

All teachers should know how to perform CPR. CPR is really a simple process that, like anything else, takes commitment and effort.. Standard training classes will have you practice to the beat of “Stayin Alive” by the Bee Gees. Ideally, when administering chest compressions, you should strive for 103 beats per minute, which, when executed correctly, corresponds to the beat of “Staying Alive.” If you’re called upon to perform CPR, try singing the song in your head (or out loud) to help you keep time.

Fire Safety – Know Your Fire Extinguisher Types & Remember PASS

Fires can happen fast, especially in California. To vanquish a fire quickly, you must be able to determine if the fire extinguisher you have on hand is appropriate for the fire in question. For most classroom teachers, the ‘ABC’ type will work for most applications; however, if you teach a science or cooking lab, you should be more selective. For example, wet chemical extinguishers are best for fires caused by cooking oils. Once you’ve chosen the right kind of fire extinguisher for the job, you should know how to operate it effectively. What’s the best way to use a fire extinguisher? Use the PASS system. For a visual explanation of the PASS method, check out this video

Need Professional Training? Call SoCal First Aid

If you or your coworkers need professional first aid training, then SoCal First Aid can help. We believe all teachers should be an asset during an emergency situation; therefore, we’ll teach you how to react properly during these scenarios. Call today

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